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Pearl Laperla, A.M.D.
Biological Immunologist
CEO and Founder:
Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate

I started Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate to offer hope to the suffering and to encourage focus on prevention of serious disease. I based LAPA on a "whole organic being paradigm" rather than a mechanical statistic. Logic alone shows that treating symptoms has nothing to do with regaining ones health. From my lifelong studies of Ayurveda the 5000 yr old science founded in India, We are part of the environment. Today it is becoming more obvious that mammals are having a difficult time tolerating the toxic level of the environment. The studies of Gunther Enderlein and Antone Beauchamp further proved my point that disease is a process. A process that begins in the blood.

The blood of mammals is in fact not sterile as taught in most medical schools. The blood of mammals is instead a dynamic part of creation, home to primitive fungi that grow and develop in response to acidic blood pH. These primitive fungi express intelligence having solved the problem of survival long ago by morphing or changing in response to the environment. If man can maintain a balanced symbiosis with these fungi he can avoid the disease process and also be in an ideal position to respond when exposed to external pathogens.

Therefore, it appears that by regulating this ancient intelligence to respond to the disease process would be the most non-invasive effective treatment. It is well accepted fact that stress suppresses the immune response. Since everything man is exposed to has the potential to result in a stress response, eventually the immune response can diminish due to stress over load. Stress is an indicator of viral load that triggers disease.

LAPA treatment is individually designed around Immune Modulators that regulate the primitive intelligence to produce a significant innate immune response to purify or reduce the viral bacterial and fungal load, in a non-invasive manner without side effects. Based on individual manifestation of disease indicators LAPA supplements the modulators with selected isopathic medicines to maximize the modulator's effects. The treatment further employs nutritional counseling, regular exercise, and meditation as an organic approach to the whole man.

Based on the belief that the future of medicine will be the regulation of the body's own intelligent immune system, Dr. Laperla is pleased to offer this treatment system to the world through LAPA. Treatments are administered by licensed professionals in a caring environment in Munich, Germany for those with suppressed immune response, and perhaps most importantly, to those who want a state of the art prevention plan.








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