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The following testimonials have been selected from the letters that Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate received from the patients after our Immune Modulator treatments and we are continuously receiving many similar appreciation letters from the patients and their families how much they have their lives back from the cancer or from the immune related diseases by our immune modulator treatments.

Here are some patient's testimonials below and please do not give up your hope if you have such a disease related to our immune system. We truly hope that these people could give you a great hope.

(Case I) - Prostate Cancer

I am a 66-year-old male that until very recently had all the "normal" conditions associated with aging. In May of 2002 after the third evaluation of a biopsy I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (a copy of the report is attached). I reviewed all of the available options for treatment and decided on radiation implants. Because my prostate was a little too large, I was given Luprin to reduce the size prior to treatment. During the Luprin treatment I developed high blood pressure but was told that Luprin did not cause hypertension. Finally, in December 2002 tests verified that the prostate was small enough to treat and the implant procedure was scheduled for mid January 2003.

Just one week prior to the procedure 1 was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Pearl Laperla while attending one of her seminar. We discussed my health problems and I accepted an invitation to meet with her for a consultation. After discussing my "new" options I decided to allow Dr. Laperla to treat me and cancelled my radiation implant surgery.

It turns out to be one of the best choices I have made in my life. I just had a blood lest that reveals the following (copy attached):

1. My new PSA test recorded a reading of 2.9. Well within the normal range. My prior test reading was 5.2 and had been accelerating.

2. My new cholesterol test without conventional medication showed a reading around the upper limit of normal. i.e. 202 vs. 200. I stopped taking conventional cholesterol medicine in the middle of January 2003. My readings in the past without medication were 250-270.

Other major improvements;

1. I have been taking my blood pressure readings on a regular basis at home. I stopped taking the BP medication in the middle of January 2003. My readings without medication prior to treatment by Dr. Laperla were in the range of 160/106. My readings without medication now are running 115/75 with a pulse rate of 72" 79.

2. An ugly varicose vein (3/4" wide and 8" long on my right leg) that has caused me discomfort for a number of years is almost completely gone.

There are numerous other improvements such as smoother skin, more energy, less stiffness, losing 18 pounds, and the understanding and appreciation of a better way to live. All of this was achieved without surgery of any kind.

My purpose in writing the letter is to provide a testimonial to Dr. Laperla's success. She has not only improved my health and my life style but also achieved a cure for the cancer that threatened my life. I would like to see Dr. Laperla's treatment procedures available to everyone. If anyone would like further information about my story please fin free to contact me at the number listed above.

- James A. Tress -

(Case II) - Genital Herpes

Dear Dr. Laperla,

I want to express my gratitude to you for successfully treating the disease I was afflicted with. As you recall, I am a woman who, at the age of 50, got married for the second time. I entered my marriage free of any sexually transmitted diseases. Within weeks of my marriage I had an outbreak of genital Herpes. I was devastated. Not only did I now have a 'time bomb" in my body that would slowly eradicate my health, but I was married to a man who did not think it was necessary to inform me that he was infected with the Herpes virus.

Thereafter followed many painful outbreaks - no treatment. 1 tried stopped this virus. Then I spoke to you and you sent me to Germany for two weeks of treatment using "Pind-orf". Now I am happy to report I have had no further outbreaks since the treatments.

- Nancy from Arizona -

(Case III) - Folicular B cell Non-Hodgkins lymphoma

Dear Dr. Pearl Laperla,

I began receiving the VPB 102103 treatments three years ago, when my health first began to be affected by the Non-Hodgkins. I was continuously fatigued and had neck pain from new tumorous lymph nodes which had developed some three months previously. After my oncologist informed me that Non Hodgkins is a treatable, but not curable cancer, and that the median life expectancy after diagnosis was 7.5 years, I decided that I would reserve chemotherapy for a last ditch option. I researched possible alternative treatments, and after speaking with two people I knew who had undergone the VPB 102103 treatment protocol, decided that I wanted to try it. After the first VPB 102103 shot, the two nodes in my neck began to shrink. After the second shot they had almost disappeared. By the third shot of VPB 102103, the affected nodes were normal to palpation, there was no neck discomfort, and I was feeling alive again. I had no 'B' symptoms. By the end of the second series of shots, I was feeling vigorously, vitally, radiantly well... well enough that I quit the course of treatment against the treating doctor's advice, and dove into my interrupted life.

In the early spring of 2004,1 began to suspect that the Non-Hodgkins was growing again. I had a good deal of abdominal discomfort, and pain enough from my legs that sleeping was hard, and that once, having had to sit motionless for three hours in class, I almost began to weep from the pain in my legs and abdomen. A CT scan in February confirmed substantial tumor growth in my abdomen. I began treatment with VPB 102103 again, kicking myself for having dropped out of the original series of VPB 102103 shot's. Once again, relief was rapid and substantial after each series of injections, I am now, again, almost completely symptom free, and hope to gain a state of complete remission. VPB 102103 has given me a significant boost in overall wellness and hope for continued high-quality life at a time when two of my friends who received the same Dx at about the
same time as me, have already died. ..and died miserable, painful deaths.

- Blythe from NV -

(Other Testimonials) - other cases

Dear Dr. Pearl,

How do you say thank you to the person who pulled you from the grave and led you through the valley of death. Those two words just don't seem adequate for what you have done for me. With this in mind, it's important that you receive the recognition you so greatly deserve. First of all, you're appreciated much for what you've done. Secondly, it's comforting to know that your heart was in it, you never stop caring or making a difference. Where others said, "We can't help you - go home and prepare to die," you said, "Let's try," and try you did, and succeed we did.

After my trip to Germany for weeks of treatment of your medicine Immune Modulator, I feel the best I have ever felt in years. We humans have created a storm of chaos on our planet We have created the stormy sea of our own destruction, You, Dr. Pearl, are like a beacon shinning through the storm, beckoning us to safety. We know if we can fight our way through the stormy sea and reach the light, we will be safe. We will be home. We all need a hero, someone to inspire us, someone who is honest, who has high morals, integrity, and compassion - my hero. God speed in your endeavors to bring health to those stricken with disease. Love,

- Cec from CA -







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