Pleo Muc

Although it is currently taught that the blood is sterile, in actuality, the blood is home to primitive fungal forms that maintain a symbiotic relationship in the blood and tissues of humans and animals. These microbes regulate the many processes in the functioning of the immune system in the blood.  Mucor racemosus fraesen, the primary mold fungus, moves through a phase of development, viral, bacterial, fungus, with increasing pathogenicity. It is these high valent forms and their waste products, which give rise to the many ailments that, afflict humans and animals.  Mucor is used in diseases of congestion such as thrombosis, CAD, hemorrhoids, swellings, diabetes, obesity, bruising, burns, non-healing wounds. Take as directed.  Comes in drops, suppositories, capsules, and tablets. Does not produce harmful side effects.


Consultation recommended.